core 2 duo T or P series notebook?

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i wanna buy a notebook for my sister…coz i love her so much. but i’m confused by a lot of choice for a good notebook so i try to choose a long life battery notebook, n then my choice goes to intel processor notebook.


but again i’m confused by choice between T series or P series processor. so i’m searching on the internet and i got few comment below:

The performance is the main difference among the T and P series. The P series are more energy efficent, have a faster (1,066 MHz) FSB, and are mostly part of the Centrino 2 line. The T series use 10 watts more of power and have a slower (667-800 MHz) FSB. Also, when the two series have the same clock speed, the T series will normally be cheaper by about $100 or so.

The T-series have a 677-800mhz FSB, while the P-series have a 1066-mhz FSB. The T-series is older technology than the P-series. The P-series is also 45-nanometer technology, as opposed to the 65-nanometer technology on the T-series. Because of this the P-series uses 10 less watts, 35 vs. 25. The L2 Cache of the T-series ranges from 1mb-6mb, while the range of the P-series is 3mb-6mb. The difference in performance between a similarly clocked T processor and a P processor will be small, unless there is a large difference in FSB (Like 677 vs. 1066) or L2 Cache (like 1mb vs. 3 mb.), in which case the performance level will be noticeably different. If you have similarly priced choices with similar clock rates, you should go with the P series.

well with two comment above i guest she’ll get P series notebook…and you are?

Problem with IM2 Broom?

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this is my own experience…….i wanna share it to everybody that has the same problem as i did.

that night is quite rainny….a big rain i guest…..and i’m still busy with my browsing using my sierra 875 pcmcia modem and supported with Indosat m2 BROOM. I don’t know when. .but for a second my internet connection lost…and i’m disconnected from IM2. well i guest the signal is lost for a moment because the rain. so i restart the 3g watcher(software for sierra 875 modem) and i get 1 bar of 3G connection, then i click the connect button..but suddenly appear a note in 3G watcher “Disconnected from IndosatM2 Invalid Username or Password”…..bbwwwwwuaaaahhh…..what the heck..!!!!!.

so i decide to restart my notebook and remove my modem….i think thats because overheating to the modem….for note i have the same experience couple week i guest this is the same problems. but after restart, i got the same note..wekwekwek….whats wrong with my modem, my IM2??????.

then i’m searching  on the internet using my office computer….and i found this blog

mr riza had the same problem, and he said that it because the uncomplete disconnect session n thats make my username an password is “hanging”in the server…so i try to contact IM2  technical service by phone but it never answered its busy…..bwuhh…

i’m desperate so i’m “hibernate” my modem.  and 3 day after my friends ask me to help her send an email. so i try to show her that my  IM2 broom is still have a problem…i connect for the first time my IM2…and thanks god ….it connected….

so i think the server will refresh by its own in couple days…in my exprience is for three day.

well i hope my experience can help everybody that has the same problems…thanks

I’m surprised……….

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hola , i’m surprised that i found a community that i thought just my imagination.

yes they are bus fans club. i’m shock for a while but then i’m realized that it was not a dream, and beside it was my dream come true.

nusantara bus

nusantara bus

do you ever feel your imagination come true right on your face???????

that’s what i feel right now.

Hello world!

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Welcome to

this is my first post………

well for an amateur i just wanna learn some other thing i wanna know.